The miniGC and miniLC are used by academic research labs and in academic teaching labs.  The price point, ease of use, and size of the systems allows research labs that previously didn’t have access to GC and HPLC / UHPLC the ability to bring these powerful techniques into their labs.  These same features make it feasible for teaching labs to have several system in the lab so that students can have access to these systems and get hands on experience with these techniques that are so ubiquitous.

Applications in the academic area include:

  • Undergraduate teaching labs
  • Advanced and graduate instrumentation labs
  • Small research groups where space, budget, and trained chromatographers are issues
  • Larger research groups and central testing core labs looking to increase their testing capacity
  • Departments outside of Chemistry like Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science


Application Notes

Method Notes



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