miniGC Webinar – Prof. Nick Snow of Seton Hall

miniGC Webinar – Prof. Nick Snow of Seton Hall

Speaker: Prof. Nicholas Snow of Seton Hall

Bio: Nicholas H. Snow is Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Director of the Center for Academic Industry Partnership at Seton Hall University. He is currently teaching advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in analytical chemistry and separation science. He has been recognized twice by the Seton Hall University Board of Regents for outstanding teaching and service to students. He maintains an active research group with projects involving rapid separations of complex mixtures, multidimensional separations, sampling techniques for chromatography, gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. He is especially interested in working with industrial and private partners in solving difficult analytical problems.

Topic: Making Gas Chromatography “Greener” Using Common Sense Optimizations, Simplified Methods, and Miniaturized Instrumentation

Summary: Of all chromatographic techniques, GC still offers the most powerful combination of speed, separation efficiency and ease of use. However, when developing and optimizing methods, it is well known that one can usually have two of these as priorities for the final method, but it is difficult to have all three. In addition, we are now interested in making our methods and analyses “greener” using the Principles of Green Chemistry along with miniaturized instrumentation, with smaller footprint and lower power consumption. Using applications from a variety of areas, including analysis of essential oils, drugs, and fuels, we will discuss method optimization in GC in light of common method development goals and the green chemistry principles. We will see that examining several of the common choices that we make in capillary GC, often based on assumptions from packed column days, such as carrier gas, sample solvent and extraction or injection technique can both improve a method and make it greener at the same time. Our examples will also highlight the use of a miniaturized and simplified gas chromatograph and a gas generator that provides all three gases for GC-FID analysis, reducing power consumption and bench space.

Original Air Date: March 30, 2022 @ 3pm EDT

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