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lu·cid·i·ty | lü-ˈsi-də-tē

Definition of lucidity

1. clearness of thought or style
      // the lucidity of the explanation

Examples of lucidity in a sentence

the lucidity of the recipe should ensure a minimum of confusion


clarity, explicitness, lucidness, perspicuity, perspicuousness, simplicity


obscureness, obscurity, unclarity

Lucidity brings a whole new perspective to analysis

The ability to analyze foods, beverages, agricultural products, health and beauty products, and much more shouldn’t be restricted solely to centralized labs with highly trained users, expensive labs, and large capital budgets. These types of labs and the systems in them will always be a very important part of our ability to analyze the world around us, but we need to be able to examine the world around us in many more places and with many more people, people who may not have much understanding of the techniques they are using and in locations that require smaller, lower cost, easier to install systems. That’s where Lucidity comes in. We are bringing the power of well understood techniques to many more people and locations. We are reimagining these techniques to find new ways to make them more reliable and repeatable, easier to use, and smaller and lower cost.


We develop easy-to-use, small footprint, low-cost products that allow many more people to analyze the world around them using reliable and powerful analytical techniques that were previously only accessible to those with significant lab setups and highly trained users.


Combining chemistry expertise, modern mechanical design techniques, and elegant user interface design, Lucidity makes robust and simple products that anyone can use that give you the same powerful analytical data as the more traditional systems allowing many more people to get useful information in many more places than they previously could.


One of our core philosophies is to provide the very best customer experience possible whether it’s the user interface, self-diagnosing systems, self-install videos, ability to next day replacement units, or providing world class in person or remote service

Who we are

Lucidity formed in 2016 as a division within CEM to specialize in the development of small, low cost, easy to use analyzers, beginning with a focus in the area of chromatograpy with the introduction of the miniGC, the miniLC, and the miniGAS.

CEM, the parent company of Lucidity, is a family owned >$100M laboratory instrumentation company with over 400 employees located all over the world.  For over 40 years CEM has been developing, delivering, and supporting lab equipment to customers all around the world.  Lucidity products are sold and supported through CEM offices and channels all around the world with the very highest level of support and knowledge.

More about CEM

Engineering Expertise

We bring decades of experience designing electromechanical systems, combining strengths in mechanical design and fabrication, modern electrical components and circuit design, modern software knowledge and coding strategies, fluidics, and energy / heat transfer.  

Chemistry Expertise

Along with engineering expertise we also bring to bear a strong chemistry knowledge set.  With expertise in fluid flow, organic chemistry, biochemistry, separations, analytical techniques, and materials chemistry, we have the team and knowledge to attack some very interesting problems and ensure that our products are designed with the end user in mind.

Lots of support

CEM has over 400 employees worldwide including an army of field sales and service people, applications chemists, inside support specialist, and service technicians to ensure your organization has success with your Lucidity products.

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Our customers come first.  And our team of experienced and knowledgeable chemists ensure that our customers have nothing but the best experience.

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