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lu·cid·i·ty | lü-ˈsi-də-tē

Definition of lucidity

1. clearness of thought or style
      // the lucidity of the explanation

Examples of lucidity in a sentence

the lucidity of the recipe should ensure a minimum of confusion


clarity, explicitness, lucidness, perspicuity, perspicuousness, simplicity


obscureness, obscurity, unclarity

Lucidity brings a whole new perspective to analysis

The ability to analyze foods, pharmaceuticals, environmental samples, consumer products, fuels, and more shouldn’t be restricted solely to centralized labs with highly trained users, expensive labs, and large capital budgets. These types of labs will always be a very important part of our ability to analyze the world around us, but we need to be able to examine the world around us in many more places and with many more people, people who may not have much understanding of the techniques they are using and in locations require smaller, lower cost, easier to install systems. And that’s where Lucidity comes in. We are bringing the power of well understood techniques to many more people and locations. We are reimagining these techniques to find new ways to make them more reliable and repeatable, easier to use, and smaller and lower cost.


We aim to develop easy-to-use, small footprint, low-cost products that allow many more people to analyze the world around them using reliable and powerful analytical techniques that were previously only accessible to those with significant lab setups and highly trained users.


Combining chemistry expertise, modern mechanical design techniques, and elegant user interface design, Lucidity makes robust and simple products that anyone can use that give you the same powerful analytical data as the more traditional systems allowing many more people to get useful information in many more places than they previously could.


We aim to bring the consumer product experience to those looking to buy what was traditionally laboratory equipment.

How We Innovate

We begin with a concept – a product we think a lot of people could use – then we think about what it would take for that product to be remarkable, and we begin to breadboard a system. Our initial focus in functionality – can we get our crazy idea to function? From there it evolves – as we put an initial system together and run it we come up with even more ideas for how to make an amazing product. And we don’t constrain or limit these new and crazy ideas – we embrace them and try them out. We don’t over constrain ourselves – we leave a world of possibilities open. And all along the way we involve outside parties, asking opinions, getting feedback, having discussions, and eventually showing concepts and demonstrating prototypes making our concepts even stronger. Once we begin to find a clear path forward and narrow down the scope of a product we work meticulously to refine and refine the product to the point where we have the most stable and solid products we can possibly have so that every customer’s experience is the same and it is an excellent one.


We try to imagine what a lot of people could really use. What could provide a major benefit to people? We don’t worry about whether it’s possible or not, we focus on finding a need. And we begin to breadboard or make rough prototypes or parts of the solution. And as we learn through breadboarding we let the concept change from what we learn.


The prototyping begins with our very first breadboard subsystem and overlaps with the conceptual phase. This prototyping phase then iterates many many times proceeding rapidly from initial breadboarding to refined system. Within this process we are having many conversations with outside parties and putting systems in front of people outside of Lucidity to help guide our prototyping.


We progress into production very subtly from our most refined prototypes, of which we’re making multiple systems and delivering them to customers much as we would production systems. By the time we are in production, the system has seen enough iterations and enough customer feedback led iterations that it is extremely stable and does what users need it do it.


Our machine shop allows us to rapidly develop new prototypes and try out different design ideas.

Chemistry Labs

Our chemistry labs allow us to test and develop prototypes as well as try out new applications and support customers


We take a lot of pride in the new technologies employed in our high quality, highly efficient production facility.

Customer Support

Our customers come first.  And our team of experienced and knowledgeable chemists ensure that our customers have nothing but the best experience.

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