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At Lucidity, we design and provide revolutionary new products enhancing how our customers are able to analyze the world around them


Our products are the easiest to use products available while offering the same performance as traditional analyzers


Our products are a fraction of the cost of traditional analyzers


Our products are a fraction of the size of traditional analyzers



We’ve created some revolutionary new products that allow users access to analytical techniques that were previously too expensive, too bulky, or too complicated to use… and without any sacrifice in analytical capability


A fully functional Gas Chromatograph for $15,000 in a shoebox size footprint


A fully functional High Performance Liquid Chromatograph for $25,000


A miniGC with a heated transfer line that is compatible with most commercially available Mass Specs

Where our products are used

Our analyzers are used in a wide range of applications to identify both desired and undesired chemical components


Our systems are used to detect and measure the amount of different components present in cannabis and edibles, including cannabinoids, terpenes, residual solvents, pesticides, and more.


GC and LC are very powerful techniques when it comes to measuring the presence and concentration of different pesticides and herbicides in agricultural products.


Lucidity products are used to determine the amount of both desired and undesired chemical components in the food we eat including amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, antioxidants, vitamins, pesticides, carcinogens, and more.


Lucidity products are used by pharmaceutical companies and contract research and contract manufacturing organizations to detect the presence of and measure the concentration of desired therapeutic compounds and undesired side products or residual solvents.

Academic Research

We have made it possible for many more academic research labs to harness the power of powerful analytical techniques, like GC and LC.  Each individual research group, even small ones, are able to afford and operate a miniGC or a minLC instead of having to rely upon larger centralized labs to perform their testing.


The miniGC and miniLC are perfect for teaching labs, where students can finally have direct access to these powerful, real-world techniques.

Consumer Products

Lucidity products can be used by consumer products companies in QC/QA areas to perform routine testing for ensurance of optimal product quality.

Oil & Gas

GC in particular is one of the most common analytical techniques in the oil and gas industry, and the miniGC is perfect for allowing testing in more locations by more people, without the need for extensive training.


We make it easier for you to analyze the world around you

Through the development, delivery, and support of our small, low cost, easy-to-use analyzers, we make it possible for many more people to use the powerful analytical techniques that only very few have had access to up until now.  This allows for a much better understanding of what’s in our food, our medicine, the environment, and the products we use.

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