Lucidity GC-FID Webinar – Dr. Ronda Gras of Dow Chemical

Lucidity GC-FID Webinar – Dr. Ronda Gras of Dow Chemical

Speaker: Dr. Ronda Gras of The Dow Chemical Company

Bio: Dr. Ronda Gras is a Research Scientist of Analytical Science, Core R&D of the Dow Chemical Company. Gras has held many critical positions in manufacturing and R&D environments at Dow. As an analytical scientist, Ronda is most passionate about separation science, particularly gas chromatography. Her area of research includes high-resolution chromatography, hyphenated techniques, and ultra-trace analysis. Ronda has authored or co-authored more than 60 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. She holds three patents and is a recipient of four external awards.

Topic: Recent Developments and Innovations in Gas Chromatographic Hardware

Summary: Gas chromatography (GC) is considered a mature analytical technology with many critical industrial applications. Despite its maturity, the role of GC has not been diminished. Instead, its role continues to gain influence. Innovations that aid in widening the use of contemporary GC include: maintaining gas chromatographic performance without compromising affordability, enhanced data reliability between analysts, and precise digital pneumatic controls. In this talk, Ronda Gras will discuss advancements in gas chromatography (GC) with novel system improvements that enable ease of use, even when operated by inexperienced operators. Since ease of use means nothing if the data is not meaningful, Dr. Gras will review applications in the petrochemical and chemical industries and determine if data is comparable to larger GC systems

Original Air Date: March 30, 2022 @ 11am EDT

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