What’s in this hemp?

What’s in this hemp?

We recently analyzed hemp oil extracted from hemp from a hemp grower. We first diluted approximately 0.1g of the viscous oil in 40mL of acetonitrile then put a portion of this diluted sample into a sample vial and placed it in the miniLC. We ran our standard cannabinoid method that had been calibrated using a 16 cannabinoid standard from Restek. The chromatogram from the standard is shown in black. The hemp sample is shown in green.

From the overlay, you can see the presence of a significant amount of CBDA and CBD along with smaller amounts of CBCA, CBL/THCA-A, and delta-9-THC.

Next steps include running the standard at multiple concentrations to create calibration curves so that we can accurately quantify the amount of each compound in the hemp sample and other hemp samples. Stay tuned!!

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