miniGC & miniLC Webinar – Dr. Alicia Stell of CEM | Lucidity

miniGC & miniLC Webinar – Dr. Alicia Stell of CEM | Lucidity

Speaker: Dr. Alicia Stell of CEM | Lucidity

Bio: Dr. Alicia Douglas Stell has worked with CEM for the past 14 years joining after completing her PhD in Analytical Chemistry. Her extensive background in chromatographic analysis and her mechanical expertise have been instrumental in the development of novel systems for sample preparation and analysis. She has traveled the world to present on these novel systems and to identify new markets for this innovative technology.

Topic: Simple and Efficient Solutions for Sample Preparation and Analysis

Summary: To achieve efficient analysis for analytes in solid matrices an efficient extraction is first necessary. CEM offers solvent extraction solutions that produce excellent recoveries extracted in less than 10 minutes in one simple automated process. CEM’s extractions solutions can be paired with Lucidity analysis systems, the miniGC and miniLC. The miniGC, a GC-FID, and the mini-LC, an LC-UV, offer ease of use with a small footprint. The systems are so simple that the operator does not need to be a trained chemist, and the small footprints allows the movement of the systems for point of need analysis. Spanning numerous applications in many markets, including food and environmental, CEM sample preparation solutions combined with Lucidity analysis systems allows for accessibility of this type of work to those whom previously considered it impossible. Thus, CEM and Lucidity systems are an excellent option for laboratories seeking a simple solution for extraction and analysis.

Original Air Date: March 23, 2022 @ 11am EDT

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