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Top Marks for the Lucidity miniGC

Nothing makes you feel better than when you get a good review from a customer. It’s what drives you as a company and as product developers. Hopefully you’ve made something good, something that people want, and something that people need. When we get a good review from a customer, we celebrate it, because that’s what…
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Wanna See the Lucidity miniGC in Action?

Nothing gives you a better feel for a system than actually running it. You can’t substitute pretty pictures or nice looking brochures for actually watching a system run. So, here you go. This is the Lucidity miniGC in action, in the middle of a run after injecting a GC-FID Check Standard with 3 compounds injected…
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Changing GC Columns Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Sick of changing out columns the old-fashioned way? Nuts and ferrules driving you nuts? There’s an easier way. With the miniGC you can easily swap columns in and out of the system just like video game cartridges in a gaming console. Use any type of metal capillary column you want and order them preinstalled or…
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The Systems Are Ready!

Well, after a lot of hard work and many, many iterations in an attempt to create a system that stacks up well against the larger, more expensive conventional GCs, we have arrived! Our latest iteration on the miniGC is ready and we’ve begun placing these systems in the field. We’ve also generated quite a bit…
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What’s in this hemp?

We recently analyzed hemp oil extracted from hemp from a hemp grower. We first diluted approximately 0.1g of the viscous oil in 40mL of acetonitrile then put a portion of this diluted sample into a sample vial and placed it in the miniLC. We ran our standard cannabinoid method that had been calibrated using a…
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