The Systems Are Ready!

The Systems Are Ready!

Well, after a lot of hard work and many, many iterations in an attempt to create a system that stacks up well against the larger, more expensive conventional GCs, we have arrived! Our latest iteration on the miniGC is ready and we’ve begun placing these systems in the field. We’ve also generated quite a bit of data in the form of chromatograms to ensure the performance and repeatability of these systems. And we’ve spent a lot of time on the user interface and the operation of the system to make it super easy to user and really appealing to use. We want you to want to use the system.

We’ve spent a lot of time working on the performance of the system, trying to match chromatograms from conventional systems with respect to resolving capability, retention times of different compounds in a mixture using a particular method, and peak shapes. We want you to be able to use a miniGC to run the same things you’re used to running on a conventional system and get the same results you’re used to seeing in a very easy to use, small, low cost system.

We’ve also spent quite a bit of time ensuring that the system is robust and consistent, ensuring that you will get the same results time and time again. So, we’ve posted some data recently on our site showing the repeatability with respect to retention time and peak area for some different samples.

Over the past couple of months our lab and QC area have been filled with miniGCs, cranking away, running samples all day long, day after day. It’s a very fulfilling sight to walk into the lab or the QC area and see multiple miniGCs all working away, producing chromatograms, or to walk in first thing in the morning, and see all the systems sitting there side by side, ready for action!

It’s exciting times indeed at Lucidity! Take a look around the site at some of the new results (,

or at some of the new images (,

or software demos (,

or let us know if you want to get more info or see one in person (

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