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We love seeing what our customers are doing with our systems!

Excited to be working with this innovative new company Halcyon Technology Holdings as they bring some incredible products to market in the cannabis and hemp space using their proprietary solvent free extraction process. They are using the miniGC with miniGAS (so no gas tanks) and the miniLC in their analytical lab, and all three products…
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The new Lucidity miniGAS means no more gas tanks for your miniGC!

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest product, the miniGAS. The miniGAS is the same footprint as the miniGC and only an inch taller, so it’s only 10.5 inches wide, and it generates Hydrogen and High Purity Air on demand for your miniGC, so you’ll never need to order tanks again. Or…
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CEM now supporting Lucidity products

Lucidity is very pleased to announce that we’ve reached an agreement with our parent company, CEM Corporation, to provide and support our products. CEM is a global company with over 400 employees around the world and a extensive, long-tenured dealer network. For over 40 years, CEM has been providing instrumentation to labs and plants around…
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Come see us at AOAC!

Whether you’re in Boston for the in person conference or online for the virtual conference, stop by and see us at AOAC, which is taking place this week. We’ll be in the CEM booth, and our Product Manager, Alicia Stell, will be there with the miniLC to answer questions and chat about Lucidity and our…
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You can now use fused silica GC columns with your Lucidity miniGC!

We are very excited to announce that you can now use fused silica GC columns in your Lucidity miniGC along with the metal capillary columns. We have found a way to accommodate a 4″ coil diameter for fused silica columns into our column holders, which allows the fused silica columns columns to be used with…
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miniLC App Note – Phenoxyacid Herbicides

Analysis of a Phenoxyacid Herbicides standard in the miniLC

miniLC App Note – Cannabinoids

Analysis of a Cannabinoids standard in the miniLC

miniLC App Note – Aldehydes/Ketones

Analysis of an Aldehydes/Ketones standard in the miniLC

miniLC App Note – Phenylurea Herbicides

Analysis of Phenylurea Herbicides standard in the miniLC

miniGC App Note – Phenols (EPA 604)

Analysis of Phenols (US EPA Method 604) in the miniGC Introduction Phenols or phenolic compounds are toxic compounds that are found in bodies of water that originate from industrial pollution as well as natural decomposition of animal and plant materials. Reference Method ( Column MXT-5, 30 m, 0.28 mm ID, 0.25 µm Sample 604 Phenols…
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