miniGC Interface

miniGC Interface Demo

See firsthand how easy to use the miniGC User Interface is.

Home Screen

The Home Screen is where you start when you open up the software application on the laptop.  From there you can navigate to the Methods, the Results, or start a run.

Method Library Screen

If you select Methods from the Home Screen you arrive at the Method Library Screen from which you can view existing methods or create a new method.

Method Viewing Screen

By selecting a method from the Method Library Screen you arrive at the Method Viewing Screen.  This screen is used to view the details of a method.  From this screen you can also edit or delete a method.

Run Screen 1

If you select Run from the Home Screen you will be brought to this screen.  If there is an autosampler attached to the miniGC, the software will allow you to choose Batch Run as well as Single Run.

Run Screen 2

After selecting Single Run, you arrive at this screen where you can select a Run Name, choose the method to run, and where you want the result to be saved.

Run Screen 3

Once you have selected your Run Name, your Method, and where you want the run result to be saved, you press start and you arrive at this screen, where you can see your injection port temperature, your detector temperature, and your oven temperature.  The setpoints for the selected method are displayed, and the temperatures begin to move to those setpoints.  Once the setpoints have been reached, green check marks are displayed beside them and the Play Button lights up, allowing the user to start the run.  You can also see the detector signal on the left and monitor the stability of the detector during equilibration.

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