This GC autosampler doesn’t require any screws…

This GC autosampler doesn’t require any screws…

See how easy it is to install an autosampler on top of your miniGC!

The autosampler for the miniGC doesn’t require any screws. It is simply held in place by magnets to the top of the miniGC, so it (like the miniGC itself) can be installed in a matter of minutes. Once placed on top of the miniGC and roughly aligned with the injection port, it requires plugging a communication cable and a power cable into the miniGC and then it is recognized by the miniGC software on the accompanying laptop. The software then provides a step-by-step pictorial alignment guide to fine tune the alignment with the injection port, which takes only minutes. Then you’re off and running!

Our goal at Lucidity is to provide you with products like the miniGC that you can install and use effortlessly while providing you with the results you’re used to seeing from conventional systems.

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