$1,000 per month to own a miniGC

$1,000 per month to own a miniGC

We think everyone who needs a GC should be able to get one. That’s part of what’s driven us from the very beginning. To find a way to design analytical systems that can be afforded and operated by anyone, so that many more people can have access to well-understood powerful analytical techniques like Gas Chromatography.

We priced the miniGC at $15,000 even though it gives comparable results to conventional Gas Chromatographs that are much more expensive, because we wanted to dramatically affect who could afford GCs. And now we want to take that a step further.

We’re introducing a rent-to-own program that allows users to rent a miniGC for $1,000 per month.

There is no obligation beyond the $1,000 per month rental fee. You can decide to terminate the rental at any point by sending the unit back. If you continue the rental for 18 months, then you own the unit. If you decide to purchase the unit at any point before 18 months you simply pay the future payments and you own the unit. Very simple and no tricks, no hidden fees, as they say. We simply want to provide you with a good deal to get a great GC.

You can also rent a miniGC plus Autosampler (list price in the US of $20,000) for $1,000 per month and own the system after 24 months.

The miniGC comes with a starter column, laptop with software and training videos, and everything else you need to run the system minus the gasses. The system is self-installable and can be installed and running samples in 15 minutes. It also includes a Check Standard that can be injected at any time to check system performance.

We want everyone to have a miniGC. Contact us to learn more or to set up your rental (info@luciditysystems.com).

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