GC-FID Customer Corner


Lucidity GC-FID Training & Installation Videos

From installation to operation, the Lucidity GC-FID could not be easier. See how to install and run a system or skip to a particular segment for detail on that topic.  The complete video is only 12 minutes long or skip to the section that interests you.


  1. System Overview
    Accessory Kit Overview
  2. Hardware Setup
    Installation of Gas Lines
    Connection of miniGC to Laptop and Software Setup
  3. Consumables
    Installation of Liner
    Installation of the Septa
  4. Column Installation
  5. Autosampler

Lucidity GAS Training & Installation Videos

No more tanks! Easily add the Lucidity GAS to any Lucidity GC-FID system and eliminate the need for external gas tanks. In less than 4 minutes, see how to set up the Lucidity GAS or skip to a particular segment that interests you.


  1. Unboxing
  2. System Overview
  3. Setup

Lucidity GC-FID Support Documentation

Find downloadable support documentation for the Lucidity GC-FID and Autosampler here.

Lucidity GC-FID Demo Videos

Demo videos for the Lucidity GC-FID


Software Downloads & Instructions

Your Lucidity GC-FID will come with the latest software installed and a laptop with the latest laptop software installed.  Over time however there will be updates to address bugs and to add functionality and features to the system.  These new versions of software can be found and downloaded here to update your system to the newest versions of software.

Software / Firmware Downloads

Select here to go to the software / firmware download portal

Installing Lucidity GC-FID Software & Firmware

This document gives you step by step instructions on how to install the Lucidity GC-FID Laptop Software, Internal Software, and Autosampler Software.

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