Oh the places we’ll go…

Oh the places we’ll go…

On the bench, on the beach, in the lab, or in a cab.  All you need is a standard power outlet.

Take your chromatography systems with you where ever you may need them.

We’ve noticed some of our customers taking this cart approach with their systems, which allows them to relocate their miniGC, miniGAS, and miniLC as needed. Use your systems in the central lab, at a production line, where the raw materials come in, or move the system between labs as needed.  Because of the size, weight, and durability of the Lucidity systems, you can move them where there is a testing need when there is a testing need and have them ready to run when they get there.

You can fit a miniGC, miniGAS, and miniLC all on the same cart as pictured, even leaving room for the waste container for the miniLC.  The laptop sits on top of the miniLC and allows full control and data viewing of both the miniGC and miniLC.  With the miniGAS there is no need for gas cylinders, so you have everything you need shown in this picture to run GC and LC analysis right on this one cart except for a standard power outlet.

It opens up a whole new world of where chromatography can be applied.

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