We want to give you more options, not less…

We want to give you more options, not less…

One of the topics that’s come up when talking with our miniGC customers is the ability to install their own columns onto the miniGC column holder instead of having to buy the columns already installed on the column holders. For most users the presinstalled columns seem to be a preferred convenience, but for others they like the freedom of being able to install their own columns as well as the advantage of removing an existing column to clip it and reinstall it.

And while we have touted the benefits of a presintalled column that is as easy to put into and take out of the miniGC as a video game cartridge is to put into or take out of a gaming console, we haven’t really talked much about the ability to remove a column from or install it in a column holder.

As you can see from these pictures metal capillary GC columns can be installed into the column pins of the column holder in the exact same way columns are installed into a traditional GC using standard nuts and ferrules. Once installed into these pins the pins are slid the front of the column holder and held into position using a backing plate. Pretty simple. In fact, no more difficult than installing a column in your traditional GC.

So if you want to install your own column, or remove your column to clip, it can be done as easily as it has always been done. If you want to buy your column presintalled onto a column holder, we’re able to provide that convenience as well.

You let us know. It’s up to you. We aim to provide multiple options so that you can do things the way that best fit your needs.

To learn more about how to get columns either preinstalled or uninstalled: link

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