Gas Chromatograph with FID

Width: 10.5″ Height: 11.5″ Length: 18″ Weight: 35 lbs




The miniGC has by far the smallest footprint of any fully functional GC out there.  It’s about that of a shoebox while about twice the height of a shoebox.  This makes the system ideal for putting in multiple locations, being able to move it when needed, and makes it very easy to install.


With the smallest oven of any fully functional GC on the market, the miniGC can ramp all the way to 400C at 60C/min and can cool from 400C to 50C in 5 minutes, meaning it heats faster and cools faster than any of the traditional GCs.  This allows for much faster analysis times and much less down time between runs.


The oven can be programmed up to 400C making the miniGC capable of handling very difficult applications where you want to analyze very nonvolatile compounds.  This is one of the reasons the miniGC has very similar operating capabilities as the traditional larger, more expensive systems rather than being limited to much lower temperatures and therefore a smaller range of very volatile compounds as in portable systems.


The injection port is another key feature that makes the miniGC a true fully functional GC.  With its sophisticated flow controllers and refined, inert flow path, it is capable of operating in any of the split or splitless modes that users of high end, fully functional systems are used to and makes it capable of handling very concentrated and very dilute samples.


One of the biggest pains with conventional GCs is installing and removing columns.  The miniGC allows you to install and remove standard GC columns as easily as you can put a video game cartridge into a gaming console, while eliminating potential user error that usually leads to small leaks or incorrect positioning of the column ends resulting in poor chromatography.


We have custom designed our user interface with the customer and ease of use in mind.  Our goal has always been to create an extremely powerful interface allowing full functionality but while also being extremely easy to navigate with no training required.  If it requires a manual to use, it’s probably too complicated.


Although the miniGC is dramatically smaller, lower cost, and easier to use, the chromatograms produced with the miniGC are indistinguishable from results produced by other traditional GCs, so that results can be matched and compared to literature results, historical data, and outside lab results.

Interchangeable Columns Cartridges

Changing columns has never been easier, and you can use any type of conventional GC column.  You can either order any column you want presintalled on a column holder or you can order any column you want and install it yourself onto a column holder, and then the columns can be changed as easily as video game cartridges into a gaming console.  The miniGC also keeps track of what runs are run on what columns and warns users if they attempt to run the wrong column with the wrong method.

User Interface

We have designed control and data viewing software for our miniGC that is the easiest to use GC software available while allowing full control of the system. The miniGC comes with a laptop with the software that connects to the miniGC via an ethernet cable. The software and all future upgrades are free and open source to anyone so our software can be seamlessly integration with any LIMS system and the data can be exported into cvs for external data viewing and analysis. Watch the software demo video to see the software in action.

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Power: 100-260V, 50-60Hz input power
Injection Port: 2 Zone programmable temps, Split, Splitless
FID Detector, ~100ppb detection limit
Column: Compatible with any commercially available GC columns up to 60m in length and with any ID and film thickness
Column Oven: 60C/min heating from 40C to 400C, cools from 400C to 50C in 5 minutes
Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)

Footprint: 10.5″ (27 cm) wide x 11.5″ (29 cm) tall x 18″ (46 cm) long

Uses standard GC inlet liners and GC injection port septa
Includes external Windows based applications software and laptop and all the accessories you need to run GC analysis minus the gasses

miniGAS gas generator

The miniGAS can be ordered along with the miniGC to supply all the needed gasses to the miniGC.  The miniGAS is the same footprint as the miniGC (10.5″ wide each), so together they only take up 22 inches of benchspace or table space.  If you order a miniGAS along with the miniGC there are no additional regulators or gauges you need to order – you’ll have everything you need to run GC analysis – gasses, a column, accessories, a laptop, and all the accessories you need to run it for a year or more.  You only need a power outlet.



Results speak for themselves. In order to show you exactly what you’re buying and exactly what results you can expect from your system, we have included a library of chromatograms generated from the miniLC.

Alkanes – C7 to C40

Alkanes standard containing alkane chains from C7 to C40


8270 standard from Restek that contains some commonly analyzed environmental contaminates


A standard mix of terpene compounds

Residual Solvents

A standard mix of residual solvents

Xil-350 Test Mix

Test mix of more active compounds to test activity of the system

GC-FID Test Mix

Test mix of 3 compounds at low levels

Phenols – EPA 604

EPA 604 standard containing a mix of phenols

Phthalate Esters – EPA 6061

EPA 6061 standard containing a mix of phthalate esters


A standard mix containing a range of different terpenes

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