Who’s this guy in my GC ???

Who’s this guy in my GC ???

We’ve all been there before.

You go to do that one thing on your GC that that person showed you during the installation and training, but you can’t remember how the heck to do it!

Or your GC has arrived, and you’re so excited to get it up and running, but the installation and training isn’t scheduled for several more weeks. Should you just start unpacking things and plugging them up and see what happens then pretend you didn’t do anything when the sales engineer arrives…?

We’ve got an even better solution!

Unpack your GC, set it up like a pro with full confidence in what you’re doing, and get going with running samples within the hour!

The Lucidity GC-FID (and the Lucidity LC-UV) come with a laptop to run the software and control the system, and loaded onto this laptop are a series of short videos organized by topic that walk you through the installation and testing of your system and also provide a reference on these topics to any users who walk up to the system. It’s just like having that trained expert standing right beside you while install and run the system. They are available day or night, weekday or weekend, they don’t ever need to sleep or eat, they’re happy to help with a smile whenever you need them no matter how many times they’ve been asked to cover the topic, and they are just as happy to stop speaking at the press of a button. They are at your beck and call.

Product Champion Daniel Nason and R&D Chemist Daniel Iversen walk you through every step of the process from What’s in the Box, to connecting everything up and plugging it in, to running the included check standard, analyzing results, creating methods, and more. In less than 30 minutes from the time you begin to unpack your Lucidity GC-FID from the box, you will have it up and running, and at the end of the check standard run, your system will confirm its proper operation to you through its automated system check of the resulting chromatogram (for more on this see our blog: Is your GC okay?…), and you will have created a sequence, run a sample, and analyzed the data.

To see the videos in full, visit the GC-FID Customer Corner on our website (https://luciditysystems.com/products/gc-fid/minigc-customer-corner/).

It doesn’t get easier than this. When we talk about empowering our customers, this is exactly what we mean.

Contact us at info@luciditysystems.com to learn more.

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