CEM now supporting Lucidity products

CEM now supporting Lucidity products

Lucidity is very pleased to announce that we’ve reached an agreement with our parent company, CEM Corporation, to provide and support our products.

CEM is a global company with over 400 employees around the world and a extensive, long-tenured dealer network. For over 40 years, CEM has been providing instrumentation to labs and plants around the world with the highest level of support. A large percentage of CEM’s team is comprised of chemists, engineers, and technicians in customer facing roles including sales, marketing, applications support, and service. CEM team members are located regionally across the US, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere so they’re never far from where a customer needs them. In addition there are in-house teams of chemists, engineers, and technicians to support customers at more central locations with applications or other technical questions.

It is because of all of these reasons that Lucidity has decided to team with CEM to provide products and support to their customers all around the world. At Lucidity we want to provide our customers with the very highest level of support, and we are very excited that we can now fully do that with the help of CEM.

Lucidity offers the miniGC, the miniLC, and the miniGAS, small, easy-to-use, low cost chromatography solutions that match the results of traditional chromatography systems. In addition Lucidity is planning the release of several more exciting solutions in the near future.

To learn more about CEM, please visit cem.com

To learn more about Lucidity, please visit luciditysystems.com

For more information on the Lucidity products, please contact us at one of the following:

General Inquiries:


Product Info or Support:

Alicia Stell, PhD

Product Manager,

Molecular Sample Prep and Lucidity Products


North American Sales & Support Inquiries:

Bobbie McManus

Director of North American Sales


International Sales & Support Inquiries:

Paul Greenwood

Director of International Sales


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