PLE (Pressurized Liquid Extractor)


Pressurized Liquid Extractor

Width: 14″

Height: 27″

Length: 22″

Weight: 20 lbs

More Info

Making sample prep a breeze…

The PLE (Pressurized Liquid Extractor) allows users to extract from challenging matrices by taking advantage of higher temperature extractions. The PLE allows users to load up to 6 samples into the rack and program each for a unique set of extraction conditions. The PLE then moves the extraction vessels one at a time into the extraction chamber, seals the extraction chamber, then heats the extraction chamber to a set temperature for a set amount of time. At the end of the extraction, the extract is filtered into a collection container and the extraction vessel is moved back into the sample rack so that the next sample can be processed. Elevated extraction temperatures at elevated pressures allow samples to be extracted in much less time, as quickly as 5 minutes. This allows users to process samples quickly and with confidence even in the case of difficult extractions.


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