VWR now offering Lucidity’s products!

VWR now offering Lucidity’s products!


It is with great excitement that we would like to announce that our products are now being offered to customers anywhere in the world through VWR / Avantor.  Now anyone, anywhere in the world, can have access to Lucidity’s product line including our GC, LC, and GAS systems.

VWR / Avantor has long been well regarded for providing laboratories, factories, plants, and research centers around the world one stop shopping for any of their laboratory / testing / consumable needs including chromatography solutions.  And now they are able to offer GCs, LCs, and GAS systems from Lucidity in addition to their portfolio of chromatography columns and consumables.  By combining Lucidity’s easy to use, small, robust, powerful chromatography systems with VWR / Avantor’s global reach, and technical and logistical specialists, we are able to efficiently provide solutions to customers around the world to enable them to access powerful analytical techniques affordably.  This partnership will enable and empower a large audience of people who need access to the most modern analytical techniques.

“This partnership is hugely beneficial for our customers.  Our goal has always been to provide powerful analytical techniques to a broader audience than may have had access to them previously to allow more people in more places the ability to monitor what needs needs monitoring.  And a company like VWR / Avantor allows us to really deliver on this vision because of their global reach and their extensive experience with a lot of these folks.”  Mike Collins, CEO, Lucidity.


“I am greatly impressed on how easy the handling and setup of the Lucidity GC-FID is. From unpacking to the first analysis, everything is well thought out. Moreover, with their philosophy of user-friendliness, quality, and modern design, Lucidity takes Gas Chromatography to a new level.” – Stefan Steidl, EU Portfolio Manager – Scientific Instruments Chromatography, VWR / Avantor.


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