Need to be CFR compliant? We got your back.

Need to be CFR compliant? We got your back.

In a lot of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical environments in particular, there is a need to be “CFR compliant”, which usually refers to being in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.  Some organizations have this need and others don’t.  For the ones that do, we are happy to let you know that our systems can now support your CFR compliance.  We have added a range of new features into our systems including:

  1. new user levels with new privileges
  2. new password rules
  3. new auto logout rules
  4. change tracking for methods and results
  5. autocreation of a new result any time the analysis parameters are changed
  6. the inability to delete a result
  7. restrictions on who can modify methods
  8. a log of any changes that are made, by whom, when, and why

The CFR mode is an optional mode that can be activated for those who wish to implement it and those who need to or are operating in a CFR environment, allowing Lucidity products to be used in a CFR environment.  But for those who do not need this capability or don’t want it, there is still a version of software that allows users to operate without these restrictions.  Whatever your need, we got you covered!

To learn more or to get a demo of the software, contact us here.

To learn more about CFR compliance, check out this info on the FDA’s site: here

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