Knock knock – we’re out front!

Knock knock – we’re out front!

If you have an hour to spare, you can see the latest evolution in chromatography systems with your own eyes in your own lab.

Our technical sales people are roaming the US now with miniGCs, miniLCs, and miniGASs in tow, and they are excited to come see you and show you these exciting new systems. Because of the size and weight of our systems and how easy they are set up, and how robust they are, we can bring them into your lab on a cart, and all we need is an electrical outlet and 10 minutes to get the systems up and running.

We bring the mobile phase and the waste container for the miniLC and the miniGAS to provide all the needed gasses for the miniGC, and nothing ever leaves the cart, so all we have to do is turn everything on, allow a couple of minutes for equilibration, and we’re running samples. We even bring standards with us to run so you can see the systems in action.

And once we’re done, we simply turn off the systems, unplug them, and roll the cart back out your front door.

So let us know if you’ve got an hour to spare, and we’ll show up with our cart at your front door ready to show you the latest in chromatography systems.


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