The day is finally here!!!

The day is finally here!!!

We know you’ve been up all night, unable to sleep, waiting in anticipation, but the wait is finally over!  The day is finally here!

It’s the first day of the March Madness seminars!!!

Tune in today (Wednesday, March 23, 2022) at 11am EST to hear Dr. Alicia Stell’s talk on sample preparation and analysis using the miniGC and miniLC from Lucidity as well as the EDGE extractor from CEM.  Then tune in at 3pm to hear Todd Griffin of G2 Analytical talk about his work detecting and quantifying THC isomers in edibles using Lucidity products.

And make sure to tell your friends!  They will be so mad at you if they find out about it later and realize that you didn’t tell them!

See you there:

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