Customer Experience

Your success is our success

We’re only successful when our customers are having success.  We have been in your shoes using lab instrumentation and we have all had great experiences and bad experiences.  We want you to have an unparalled experience as our customer.  We want everything to be seemless and easy for you so you can focus on other challenges in your job.  From the moment you begin your interaction with us through installation, evaluation, suppor, and every other stage of our relationship, we want to be extremely happy you decided to work with us.

Our website

You shouldn’t hide anything

Our website gives you a detailed look at all of our products including videos of them actually running.  We show you pictures of what actually comes with our products when they arrive and how to set them up.  We are proud to publicly display all of our pricing.  We have instructional documents and videos all posted on our site.  We want to provide potential customers with all the information they need to make decisions on buying our systems.  And we want to get accurate, consistent, and thorough information.


Our systems are self-installable and take minutes not days to install

Our miniGC can be installed in 15 minutes by the user.  The system comes with a laptop with the control software and seventeen 3-5 minute videos preloaded on it.  We email customers a “What to Expect” document upon ordering with detailed information on what will show up and what to do with it.  You can then use the training videos in the laptop to get more detail on the different accessories included with the system, basic maintenance, and operation of the system.

2 Month Eval

We want you to be happy with our system

We want you to be happy with our system and we are confident in its performance.  Therefore we proudly offer a 2 month evaluation period on our products to allow you to try them for yourself and see if they work for your application.


If you are having issues with your systems just run the Check Standard

By running the Check Standard included with the system and emailing us the results, we can determine if there are issues with the system or not, and whether or not the system needs to be brought back for repairs.

Swap Out Program

If your system isn’t working, we’ll send you a loaner until we get your system repaired

No more scheduling a service visit and hoping the service person brings the right parts.  If your system isn’t working and it’s not something we can walk you through repairing in the field, we will send you a loaner unit and have you send your system back to us in the packaging the loaner arrives in.  Our in house experts will then repair your unit at our facility and QC it, then send it back to you for a swapout with the loaner.  Our goal is to minimize your downtime and ensure that your unit is working properly after we repair it.

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