PE-12 (Parallel Extractor)


12 Place Solid Liquid Extractor

Width: 15″

Height: 15″

Length: 26″

Weight: 40 lbs

More Info

Making sample prep a breeze…

The PE-12 allows you to extract 12 samples in parallel. You add the samples into the sample holders, place them in the sample holder rack, then load 1-12 extraction vessels, close the top, then press go. The PE-12 adds the specified amount of solvent into each extraction vessel, heats the vessels to the desired temperature and holds them at temperature for the desired amount of time. During the extraction the sample holders are moved up and down magnetically in the extraction vessels as the sample holder rack moves up and down. This improves the sample matrix interaction with the surrounding solvent improving the overall extraction efficiency much like moving a tea bag up and down in a cup of hot water. Once the extraction is complete, the sample holders are moved above the solvent level so all that remains in the extraction vessels are the extracts. The user can then open the top of the system and the sample holder rack can be removed. The system also offers the option to close the lid and begin an evaporation stage once the sample holders have been removed. Elevated temperature extraction, filtration, and concentration all in one unit!


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