miniLC Accessories

miniLC System Accessories

The miniLC System Accessories are included with any purchase of a miniLC.  The System Accessories include:

– Laptop preloaded with miniLC software and training videos
– Network cable to connect laptop to miniLC
– USB cable to connect detector in miniLC to laptop
– Mouse & mousepad for laptop
– Power cord
– Solvent lines and filters for mobile phases

miniLC Accessory Kit

The miniLC Accessory Kit is also included with the purchase of a miniLC.  It includes the following:

– Two 1L mobile phase bottles
– One 250mL pump cleaning bottle
– Three bottle caps
– Pack of 100 sample vials, caps, and septa
– Pack of five 5mL solvent / waste vials
– HPLC Gradient Test Mix

miniLC Check Standard

The miniLC Check Standard is an HPLC Gradient Test Mix from Sigma-Aldrich.  It is included in the miniLC Accessory Kit, and it is used as the QC check for every miniLC when it is produced, and can be used upon installation of the system or at any point after that to check performance of the system.  It takes the guess work out of whether or not the system is working.  If the system is working, great.  If not, we’ll send you a loaner and have you ship your system back to us for speedy repair and return to minimize your downtime.

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