miniGC Methods

miniGC Methods

These methods can be downloaded and then imported into a miniGC for use on the system.  If you have methods you would like to share please email them to us at, and we will post them here for everyone to use.

C7-C40 Alkanes

Method for analyzing saturated alkanes from C7 all the way to C40.

8270 – Semivolatiles

Method for analyzing semivolatiles.

GC-FID Check Standard

The method for analyzing our Check Standard, the GC-FID Test Mix from Restek.

Alcohols in Hand Sanitizer

A method developed at Lucidity for analyzing alcohols in hand sanitizer.

FAMEs in Vegetable Oils

A method developed at Lucidity for analyzing Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in Vegetable Oils.

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