miniGC Accessories


Need automation?  No problem, we’ve got you covered.
Select from our range of autosamplers to fit your needs.

miniGC miniSAMPLER 

20 position autosampler designed by Lucidity that drops right on top of your miniGC.

HTA Liquid Only Autosampler

A liquid only autosampler from HTA that is compatible with the miniGC.

HTA Headspace Only Autosampler

A headspace only autosampler from HTA that is compatible with the miniGC.

Liquid, Headspace, and SPME Autosampler

An autosampler from HTA that is capable of handling liquid, headspace, and SPME samples and is compatible with the miniGC.

miniGC Column Holder Kit

The miniGC Column Holder Kit allows you to install a standard metal capillary GC column into it using traditional nut and ferrule fittings and then once installed the Column Holder can be used to insert the column into the miniGC and remove the column from the GC much like a video game cartridge is inserted into or removed from a video game console.  The miniGC comes with one Column Holder with a presinstalled column, but additional Column Holders can be ordered if you wish to have multiple columns you can insert into and remove from the system.  Alternatively you can order pre-installed columns that come pre-installed in Column Holders.


Check Standard

The miniGC Check Standard is a GC standard from Restek that we use to test the performance of the miniGC.  The standard is used as the QC check for every miniGC when it is produced, and can be used upon installation of the system or at any point after that to check performance of the system.  It takes the guess work out of whether or not the system is working.  If the system is working, great.  If not, we’ll send you a loaner and have you ship your system back to us for speedy repair and return to minimize your downtime.


miniGC Accessory Kit

The miniGC Accessory Kit includes some basic parts like injection liners, septa, syringes, and tools so that you can begin using your miniGC right away.  You can order additional Accessory Kits if you want or the Accessory Kit also includes Restek part numbers for all the individual pieces so you know exactly what to order when you need more.

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