miniGC Accessories

miniGC System Accessories

The miniGC System Accessories are included with any purchase of a miniGC.  The System Accessories include:
– Laptop preloaded with miniGC software and training videos
– Network cable to connect laptop to miniGC
– Mouse & mousepad for laptop
– Power cord for miniGC


miniGC Accessory Kit

The miniGC Accessory Kit is also included with the purchase of a miniGC.  It provides you with everything you need to perform GC analysis and all the consumables you’ll need for about a year.  Any of the parts can be reordered through Restek.  The miniGC Accessory Kit includes the following:

– Pack of 50 septum (Restek PN: 23864)
– Pack of 5 inlet liners (Restek PN: 23309)
– Inlet Liner Removal Tool (Restek PN: 20181)
– Septum Puller (Restek PN: 20117)
– Syringe (Restek PN: 23924)
– Syringe replacement needles (Restek PN: 23946) 
– 5 Liner O-rings (Restek PN: 29258)
– 5 Liner Nut O-rings (Restek PN: 29259)
– Tool for Liner Nut & Septum Nut (Restek PN: 29260)
– Air Line Wrench (Restek PN: 20387)
– GC-FID Check Standard (Restek PN: 35108)

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miniGC Autosampler Accessory Kit

The miniGC Autosampler Accessory Kit is included with the purchase of a miniGC Autosampler.  It includes:

– 2 Replacement Plungers for Autosampler Syringe (Restek PN: 21284)
– 2 Replacement Needles for Autosampler Syringe (Restek PN: 23946)
– Pack of 100 Sample Vials, Caps, & Septa (Restek PN: 26596)
– Pack of five 5mL Solvent / Waste Vials (Restek PNs: 23084 & 23092)

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Merlin Microshot Upgrade

The Merlin Microshot is a very nifty tool!  It’s essentially a manual autoinjector that ensures accurate and repeatable injections without an autosampler and it’s very inexpensive.  The Merlin Microshot Upgrade includes the Merlin Microshot and 2 replacement plungers for your Manual Syringe.  Replacing the plunger in the syringe included in your miniGC Accessory Kit allows you to use the Merlin Microshot with this syringe.  We highly recommend this fantastic tool for anyone not using an autosampler.


miniGC Check Standard

The miniGC Check Standard is a GC standard from Restek (it’s included in the miniGC Accessory Kit) that we use to test the performance of the miniGC.  The standard is used as the QC check for every miniGC when it is produced, and can be used upon installation of the system or at any point after that to check performance of the system.  It takes the guess work out of whether or not the system is working.  If the system is working, great.  If not, we’ll send you a loaner and have you ship your system back to us for speedy repair and return to minimize your downtime.



Need automation?  We have multiple options including our own miniGC Autosampler and options from other vendors with whom we partner.


miniGAS gas generator

The miniGAS can be ordered along with the miniGC to supply all the needed gasses to the miniGC. The miniGAS is the same footprint as the miniGC (10.5″ wide each), so together they only take up 22 inches of benchspace or table space. If you order a miniGAS along with the miniGC there are no additional regulators or gauges you need to order – you’ll have everything you need to run GC analysis – gasses, a column, accessories, a laptop, and all the accessories you need to run it for a year or more. You only need a power outlet. And ordered together the entire package only costs $32K with an autosampler.

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