Includes a laptop with applications software, training videos, network cable, power cord, and full accessory kit.  Can be ordered with or without an autosampler and with or without a miniGAS gas generator.


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The miniGC includes:

  • the miniGC
  • Laptop preloaded with the miniGC software and training videos that take you through installation and operation of the system.  
  • Network cable for miniGC to laptop connection
  • Mouse & mousepad for laptop
  • Country specific power cord for the miniGC


Also included with the miniGC:

miniGC Accessory Kit, which includes the following:

  • Pack of 50 Septum (Restek PN: 23864)
  • Pack of 5 Inlet Liners (Restek PN: 23309)
  • Inlet Liner Removal Tool (Restek PN: 20181)
  • Septum Puller (Restek PN: 20117)
  • Syringe for Injections (Restek PN: 24924)
  • 2 pk of Replacement Needles (Restek PN: 23946)
  • 5 Liner O-rings (Restek PN: 29528)
  • 5 Liner Nut O-rings (Restek PN: 29259)
  • Tool for Liner Nut & Septum Nut (Restek PN: 29260)
  • Air Line Wrench (Restek PN: 20387)
  • GC-FID Test Mix (Restek PN: 35108)



miniGC Starter Column (Restek PN: 702223-LUC25)

  • Restek MXT-5 Column (30m x 0.25mm x 0.25um)
  • This type of column is used to QC every miniGC at Lucidity with the GC-FID Test Mix
  • This column comes preinstalled in a column holder and is ready to use with your miniGC


Not included but highly recommended:


miniGC Autosampler (PN: 928272)

  • 16 position liquid autosampler
  • Magnetically mounts on top of the miniGC
  • Can be installed and aligned in a matter of minutes
  • miniGC training videos include installation videos for autosampler



miniGC Autosampler Accessory Kit (included with miniGC Autosampler), which includes the following:


miniGAS (PN: 928276)

  • Eliminates the need for gas cylinders, regulators, and tubing connections
  • Ordering the miniGAS with the miniGC gives you everything you need to perform GC-FID analysis









Other Considerations:


Use the GC-FID Test Mix: In order to provide you with best possible experience, we highly recommend ordering either the miniGC Accessory Kit, or a GC-FID Test Mix (Lucidity PN: R35108 or Restek PN: 35108) with your system.  It is the same standard we use to QC your system before it leaves our facility, and you will see 3 runs of this GC-FID Test Mix in the Results section of your miniGC when it arrives.  We encourage users to run the miniGC Test Mix again once they have unpacked their system to ensure proper operation of the system.  At any point if you are having issues with your system, we will ask you run the Test Mix (additional and new Test Mixes can be purchased through either Lucidity or Restek) to check the performance of your system.  The Test Mix is a great way for both us and you to monitor performance of your system to make sure it is operating at the same high level we both expect it to.




Ordering Additional Columns: If you want an additional column to the MXT-5 Starter Column, you can choose from fused silica or metal capillary columns on Restek’s site ( or any other GC column provider, provided that these columns are wound in a coil diameter of 4 inches or less.

You can either order the GC columns from any GC column vendor and install them yourself onto a Lucidity column holder, or you can order them preinstalled on a column holder from Restek.

When ordering from Restek, remember to add a “-LUC18”, “-LUC25”, or “-LUC53” to the part number of the column depending upon the ID of the column to get the column preinstalled into a miniGC Column Holder.  For example, the PN for a MXT-5 (30m x 0.25mm x 0.25um) column in a miniGC Column Holder is 70223-LUC25.  For more info see the Restek site (





Gasses: You will need to ensure that you have the correct gas line hookups to run the miniGC.  The miniGC requires 2-3 gasses to run the system (Helium, Hydrogen, or Nitrogen as the carrier gas, and Hydrogen and High Purity Compressed Air for the detector).  There is an 1/8″ compression fitting on the back of the miniGC for each of the 3 gas hookups, so you will need to ensure that you have three 1/8″ metal lines coming from each gas source to connect into the back of the miniGC each with a pressure regulator in line to control the input pressure of each line to 50 -100 psi.







Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 10.5 × 11.5 in
Country Power Supply and Plug

USA (120V, 60Hz), non-USA (220-240V, 50Hz)


Yes, No


Yes, No