miniGC Autosampler

miniGC Autosampler

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The miniGC autosampler is custom designed for the miniGC.  It has positions for sixteen 2mL sample vials, one 5mL solvent vial, and one 5mL waste vial.  It can easily be added to a miniGC by placing it on top of the system.  It requires no pins, screws, or tools to attach to the miniGC; it simply attaches via magnets on the bottom of the autosampler.  The autosampler power cord plugs into the miniGC and its communication cable plugs into the back of the miniGC.  The miniGC applications software will auto-recognize the presence of the autosampler and allow operation of the autosampler and queuing of samples for the miniGC.

The miniGC Autosampler includes:

  • miniGC Autosampler with attached power cable to plug into the miniGC
  • miniGC Communications cable that plugs into the miniGC


Also included with the miniGC Autosampler:

miniGC Autosampler Accessory Kit that includes: