miniGC Accessory Kit

miniGC Accessory Kit


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This is the standard accessory kit that comes with the miniGC.  It can also be ordered separately for replacement parts and tools.  It includes:

  1. Pack of Septa, Restek PN: 23864 (link)
  2. Pack of Liners, Restek PN: 23309 (link)
  3. Liner O-ring, Lucidity PN: C200101
  4. Liner Nut O-ring, Lucidity PN: C200102
  5. Liner Nut & Septum Nut Tool, Lucidity PN: C100200
  6. Liner Removal Tool, Restek PN: 20181 (link)
  7. Septum Puller, Restek PN: 20117 (link)
  8. Syringe, 10uL, 50mm needle length, Restek PN: 24932 (link)
  9. GC-FID Test Mix, Restek PN: 35108 (link)