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The miniGAS is a gas generator that generates Hydrogen and High Purity Compressed Air (all the gasses needed to run the miniGC).  It is the same footprint as the miniGC and an inch taller so it is about the footprint of a shoebox.  It contains all the components needed to generate and purify the gasses needed by the miniGC so it doesn’t require an additional filters, connections, or regulators.  Simply connect the 3 gas lines from the back of the miniGAS to the 3 gas lines on the back of a miniGC, and you’re ready to run.

The miniGAS enables you to perform GC analysis anywhere – no tanks, regulators, or fittings needed.

The miniGAS creates Hydrogen and High Purity Compressed Air on demand, and only stores these gasses at 70-80 psi inside the system, so it greatly reduces and safety concerns from having much higher pressure tanks around.