miniGC Check Standard

miniGC Check Standard


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The miniGC Check Standard is the GC-FID Test Mix from Restek (Restek PN: 35108, link) can be ordered from Restek or from Lucidity (Lucidity PN: R35108).

We use this check standard to check out every miniGC before it ships, and the chromatograms from these runs can be found in the Results section of your system.  The Check Standard is also included in the Accessory Kit that comes with the system, and we strongly recommend that each user run this Check Standard as their first run to ensure that the system is functioning properly once installed.  After that we encourage users to run the Check Standard any time they feel their system might not be functioning properly or on a regular basis as part of a routine performance test.  If at any point you need a new one, you can order it from Lucidity or Restek.