Cannabis / Hemp3

The cannabis and hemp testing industry is a growing and rapidly changing space.  We offer solutions for cannabinoid and terpene profiling, residual solvents analysis, and pesticides residue analysis.  Both the miniLC and the miniGC are capable of giving a full cannabinoid profile, although GC is not able to differentiate between the acid and non-acid form of each cannabinoid.  Both the miniGC and the miniLC are able to provide terpene profiles.  The miniGC is the preferred technique for residual solvents and pesticides.  



See some of the work relating to cannabis and hemp that has been done in the miniGC and the miniLC.

Cannabinoids in Hemp – miniLC
Cannabinoids Standard – miniLC
Terpenes – miniGC
Terpenes – miniGC
Residual Solvents – miniGC
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