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How Lucidity Was Formed

Where we’ve come from sheds light on who we are and why we do what we do. We are a ragtag group of product developers with a broad range of experience developing products in different areas, and we share a common goal of making amazing products. We have come together to create a playground for product developers to do what we love most. We believe we’re building a very unique place where experimentation and risk taking is encouraged in our uncompromised pursuit of amazing products.


Formed In 2016

Lucidity was formed in 2016 by Mike Collins, Jr. as an autonomous division of CEM Corporation, a 40-year-old, $100 million dollar, multinational company providing products into the analytical instrument and testing markets. Mike is the son of Mike Collins, Sr., one of the 3 founders of CEM Corporation, and the current owner of CEM.


Lucidity Team Takes Shape

Mike, a Chemical Engineer, and 2 other product developers at CEM, Brian Unites, Mechanical Engineer, and Rick Chapman, Software & Electrical Engineer, decided to focus in this new area under the name of Lucidity and they brought in 2 other product developers from outside of CEM to join the team, Mike Davis, Mechanical Engineer, and Alyssa Sabolis, Research Scientist.


Lucidity Team Grows

Since then they have added additional resources: Dan Scheid, Software & Electrical Engineer, Sawyer Lankford, Engineering Technician, and 2 additional production resources.


Prototypes Begin

They occupy a separate building complete with labs, a machine shop, and production space on the CEM campus where they focus entirely on the development and production of their new product line. The lean structure and focus allows them to rapidly imagine and develop radically new solutions and then deliver them directly to the marketplace at low cost through the Lucidity website.


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