Article on cannabis testing highlights the miniGC and the miniLC

Article on cannabis testing highlights the miniGC and the miniLC

Another great article by Jonathan Edelman of Restek, gives an overview of some of the latest developments in cannabis testing and highlights the miniGC and the miniLC.  In his most recent article, Edelman talks about some of the challenges that face the cannabis industry as well as some of the latest advances in analytical systems that have helped solve some of these problems.  Notably, he mentions Lucidity’s miniGC and miniLC as two key solutions to help those in the cannabis space test their products by providing chromatography solutions that are aggressively priced and small footprint.

“They [Lucidity Systems and Icon Scientific] both feature instruments that cost roughly half the ‘familiar’ price.”

“Lucidity’s miniLC and miniGC instruments are half the footprint of typical benchtop units and can be shipped overnight for service.”

He points out that a key frustration for cannabis labs is the typically high price of chromatography systems, “A few notable factors slowing the progress of cannabis-based medicines are the lack of certified professionals, the lack of harmonized regulations, and the high cost of analytical instrumentation – a frustration we know all too well.”  This perspective also highlights another major issue in the cannabis space and beyond that the Lucidity chromatography solutions address with their ease of use, which is the lack of trained professionals to operate chromatography systems.

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